Welcome to Milo and Ming

Accessories for swanky dogs and their humans


Welcome to Milo & Ming - for design-savvy pet parents!

Here you'll find a tailored collection of dog accessories that are functional without sacrificing on style.

As a passionate dog owner with an eye for aesthetics, Milo and Ming was born out of a need to find pet accessories that are both functional and stylish and, that blended into contemporary interiors. The result is an ever-changing curated collection of accessories that not only suit design-minded pet parents but are also practical for stylish pups.

So whether your pooches are languishing in their cozy beds, posing at coffee shops or being adventurous outdoors, they deserve to have stylish accessories. And, so do you!

Keep popping in for new limited collections and a dose of pet lifestyle inspiration. And feel free to contact me for any special product requests.

Toni (Founder)


Meet the Milo and Ming Crew

Team Member


Shanghai was adopted from Persian Cat Rescue. We think she is a Rag Doll. She is head of quality but spends a lot of her time testing the quality of the human furniture. Her favourite thing to do is to tease Rio and Lima.

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Team member


Lima is the youngest team member. She has a heart issue but makes everyday count! She has a big bark and so was appointed as head of security. She loves her daily walks and eating the cat food.

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team member


Rio was nicknamed the 'Yorkshire terrorist' at puppy school. Although he is three years old now, he is still a terrorist! Aptly appointed as team toy tester but it turns out he prefers human toys. His hobby is eating and rolling in bird poo!

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Paris is a Norwegian Forest X Maine Coon, adopted from Persian Cat Rescue. As head of design, she shows up on her own time to review a new collection and then spends the rest of her day grooming and napping.

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